Krystal Rae

Hello!! For those of you who may not know, I’m Krystal Rae. For those who do know, “Hey girl hey!!!” I am a professional makeup  artist located in Atlanta, GA. Here you will learn and experience beauty trends and skincare tips. The world of beauty is constantly changing and I’d love for you to join me as we evolve together. See you in the mirror!

KrystalRae's Theory

My philoshophy with makeup application is that I always wish to enhance the natural beauty of my clients, making them feel comfortable, happy and ready for the day that their dreams come true

Range of Services

Effortless looks with an authentic experience. Natural enhancement.


Special Occasion

Everyday Makeup

Bridal Makeup

The Best Artist

Quality Make Up Artist

I understand that high-quality service and products matter when creating the PERFECT look for your day

Flexible Scheduling

My convenient online scheduling allows you to book your appointment without taking time away from your already busy schedule

The Experience

Each of my clients have a customized celebrity customer service experience


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